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Liz Ahl

“Sound is, of course, a kind of touch — in that sound is, essentially, the tiny organs of your inner ear being touched by sound waves. That linkage is something I will try to think about more deeply — and I thank you for taking me there.”

Annie Woodard

“I write about my daughter and my childhood pretty obsessively. I don’t really know what draws me to these themes, but I guess they’re where I feel most alive and aware. On some level both of those poems are about being on the cusp, developmentally, as a child. They are also about the presence of death and aging in our lives.”

Andrea Witzke Slot

“When a new piece is coming—when I hear a new line circling and feel that urgent need to get to my desk/journal/computer—I just kind of jump in and see what emerges. Only once I get started do I see what rhythmic space(s) might be required for that emerging piece.”