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“His mother was sick. That is the problem with mothers, eventually they all get sick.”

“If I fall, I’ll make an earthquake.”

“It was the 70s, & I too young to learn gamble.”


“I’ve always been a poet of place. Many of my poems are centered around the south coast of Rhode Island, where my grandparents had a summer house (one they winterized when they retired). If any place has influenced my writing, it’s that one.”


“I think the everyday is the best we have, the best we are. Because the everyday is what’s real, right? We know we’re flawed, but we don’t think to hide that aspect of ourselves when we’re just cooking for some folks, or meeting our buddy at a bar, or walking through the store. We’re comfortable.”


“My first piece of advice is simple: write. You have to take the time to sit down, peck at the keyboard, and make it happen. And after you write: revise, and then revise, and then revise again.”