Rappahannock Review | Masthead
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Editor in Chief
Sophie Smith


Copy Editor
Tara King


Managing Editor
Maggie Sandner-Gialamas


Design Editors
Natalie Beyer
Danielle Moskowitz
Leah Taylor

Fiction Editor
Sydney Schwaiger


Assistant Fiction Editors
Liz Brantley
Tara King
Danielle Moskowitz
Maggie Sandner-Gialamas
Austen Weathersby
Leni Williams

Poetry Editors
Alec Harmon
Kaitie Lamb


Assistant Poetry Editors
Natalie Beyer
Finnley Goff
Leah Taylor

Nonfiction Editor
Rebecca Melson


Assistant Nonfiction Editors
Jess Covino
Kennedy Deem
Olympia Jarrell
Paige Palisin

Faculty Advisor
Elizabeth Wade

The current editors of the Rappahannock Review would like to pay
tribute to the ground-breaking work of the journal’s founding editors:

Sam Akridge
Alice Baldys
Kerry Blanton
Marina Bonanno
Courtney Cherico
Morgan Deacon

Danielle DeSimone
Katie Diemer
Kyle Finley
Amanda Grace
Lizzie Greene
Christine Grilliot

Colleen Huber
Melanie Jankovits
Katelyn Leboff
Elizabeth Lewan
Angela Mather
Will McCarry

Kate Ricchetti
Josh Roberts
Mike Stange
Kaci Sutton
Regina Weiss